Lost Season 6 Posters

Lost Season 6 - Everybody Loves Hugo episode

The work from Ty Mattson is amazing. I love the collection of Black and White posters created for each episode of the last season of the Lost TV series. What really strikes me is how Mattson captured the essence of each episode with his illustrations. The illustration above is for episode 11 – “Everybody Loves Hugo”. You can check the other ones in his blog.

Please Never Ever Ever…. Park Here.

How to get your message through loud and clear
How to get your message through loud and clear

There are occasions when you really need to put a great effort to deliver your message (on the internet we know how difficult it is with all the “noise” that surrounds us). This is a great example of this type of problem and it’s solution. I don’t know about the efficiency of the purpose of the message, but I’ve no doubt that it was transmitted in a clear, concise and fool proof way. Original here.