Lost Season 6 Posters

Lost Season 6 - Everybody Loves Hugo episode

The work from Ty Mattson is amazing. I love the collection of Black and White posters created for each episode of the last season of the Lost TV series. What really strikes me is how Mattson captured the essence of each episode with his illustrations. The illustration above is for episode 11 – “Everybody Loves Hugo”. You can check the other ones in his blog.

The Panic Status Board

A really cool Status Board for the Panic Software Company

Panic is a mac software house. Creators of Transmit and Coda, well known tools for mac web developers. Their apps are great, but what really sets them apart is their User interface design.

A few days ago they previewed a picture of a internal Status Board. Gorgeous stuff, like you would expect. You can see e-mail queues, tweets from the employees, a calendar, revenue figures,project status, employees assigned to each project, etc.

Really nice information wrapped in a great visual design.