Hybrid – Disappear Here

Yeah I also discovered the work of Hybrid in this awesome video for BASE proximity flying (don’t even make me start ranting about that). I was immediately hooked by the sound of this welsh band. There’s a perfect blend of powerful electronic music with the soft and clear vocals of Charlotte James. Their latest album, “Disappear here” is a must have. It’s packed full of great songs like “Disappear Here”, “Formula of Fear”, or “Every Word”.

Creative ways to solve common problems – II

The Problem: The Javascript XHttpRequests (aka AJAX) has cross domain restrictions that keeps you from making POST requests to a different domain from the one running your client code.

The Solution: One of the most used ones is to create an iFrame with the POST data and add it to the document and submit it. But you’ll get no response back from it (like a success or failure message).

The Creative Solution: I came across this one in here and basically it relies on the fact that images are not subject to cross domain restrictions, so basically you’ll load an “image” from the server that will return a different sized image per possible result. So maybe you’ll have the possible results as SUCCESS and FAILED. You’ll just have to return let’s say a 1px image for SUCESS and a 2px image for FAILED. Then you’ll just have to check the size of the image to “read” the return message.

Creative ways to solve common problems

I Really love to find simple, creative ways to solve some common problems or just smart ways to ease some common task or process.

I’ve stumbled recently on a smart way to provide a fast way of identification for bank transfers. This is something used by my daughter’s new preschool.

They use the 2 decimal digits of the monthly fee to identify the child. So if they receive a transfer of € xxx.05, they know it’s related to child #5, € xxx.23 to child #23 and so on.

Of course this is limited to 99 (or 100) children and there could be as much as a €0.99 difference between children but it’s smart nevertheless.